Using Hypnosis to Get Light Legs and Bouncy Feet When Running

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Coping with Aching, Heaving Legs When Running

With this audio track, I wanted to share a technique that I use at the tail end of my efforts/intervals sessions and throughout a lot of my Sunday long runs.

One of the main challenges a runner faces is our response to our body. In particular when running, we have to cope with our legs aching, feeling heavy and it may result in us wanting to stop, slow down, or even cut our run short.

Feeling heavy-legged is a symptom many runners have to put up with at times, especially if marathon training and during those heavy mileage training weeks. As I stated within my previous blog entry here, I wanted to offer up processes that I have been utilizing during my current marathon training that are forming part of my ongoing research.

Hypnosis to Give You Light Legs and Bouncy Feet

This hypnosis audio track is one whereby you are required to practice this process a few times, perhaps once or twice a day for a week before you then start to apply it during your runs. Installing it during hypnosis with this audio and then practicing it as a cognitive strategy when running is the best way to derive benefit from such a process.

The aim is to be able to use your mind and your perception to positively affect how your legs and feet feel when running. Have you ever been performing at your peak and felt like your feet were positively bouncing off the floor when running? Or perhaps you had a pair of shoes that felt like they had a special bounce to them? Well, that sort of bounce is going to be combined with a lightness in the legs for you to use when running.

Do use this in a safe manner. We are usually far more capable than we might feel at the time, and it will be safe to push ourselves further and faster even when feeling heavy-legged. However, ensure that you do all you can to recover properly and ensure you do not do anything that will cause injury.


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