Using Hypnosis To Reverse An Unwanted Habit


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Using Hypnosis To Reverse An Unwanted Habit

This hypnosis audio track includes a classic, empirical research supported process for overcoming unwanted habits. Wooo! What does that mean? Well it means that time and time again, when tested the process used in this audio track was proven to be effective at overcoming and letting go of unwanted habits.

The sort of habits you are going to be able to deal with and overcome using this audio track are habits such as biting fingernails, pulling hair, picking at yourself and so on. You can even use it with stopping smoking.

Classic habit reversal is a wonderful process from the field of cognitive behavioural therapy that I have found to be a very important part of my therapeutic work with clients.

There is a large body of evidence to support this process and there is even an entire book based on this strategy by its creators Azrin and Nunn.

I am offering up a thorough version here for anyone to use, and have found that it’s effects are amplified with the addition of hypnosis. That is what you get with this hypnosis audio track.

In order for habit reversal to be effective, there is some preparatory work for you to complete and enhance the effectiveness of the process. We run through that at the beginning of the session, then you play an interactive role in making sure you let go of that unwanted habit for good… And it can be used over and over with any other unwanted habits too.

Enjoy this audio session, it is going to change big aspects of your life.


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