Using Noise To Lull You To Sleep

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Using Noise To Lull You To Sleep and Slumber

When I first left home and headed for the bright lights of London for some work experience, with my first ever foray into the world of paid employment, such was my starting salary, that my first home was a rented maisonette with a train line running through the back of the garden. The parts of London underground that went overground also travelled on this track. I had not thought to fully assess this when eagerly securing the rental contract on this place… Boy was I in for a shock.

At first, having moved from pleasant, quite, tree-lined suburbia with my parents, I was now listening to trains sounding like they were ploughing through my front room every ten minutes or so. The furniture rattled at the same time! My front room felt like it was in the middle of a station!

That first night on my own, I tossed and turned and struggled to get any sleep at all such was the distraction… Thank goodness they stopped late at night… Although they started again pretty early in the morning.

A month or so later, I was sleeping like a baby every single night. I had adapted and it was absolutely fine. To be honest, I even missed that racket when I first moved away from it.

A number of years later, well, many years alter, when deciding to leave London and move to the south to move my business and life to the coast here in Bournemouth, I recall being in bed on the first morning and being woken by a very strange noise indeed. On the balcony of my apartment overlooking the sea was sat a seagull who was bellowing hard and loud.

Again, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to it… It is a sound I am very fond of today.

Many people who have to put up with noise at night, whether it is the noise of their partner snoring, or people on the street, or sounds of neighbours, can all be effectively slept through with some training – at least, if you have grown used to it. I mean, lots of people get themselves to sleep on planes and they are incredibly noisy. Of course, we are going to be alerted by noises requiring our attention or those that are strange and out of place – like a one-off crazy party in a flat above, which is likely to wake us regardless of our preparation.

This hypnosis audio track is designed to help us work with noises to help ourselves get lulled to sleep, something Milton Erickson would refer to as utilization. It is aiming to help you have a skill to cope with noise when looking to get to sleep, but also to condition yourself more readily to drift off even when there is a little bit of a distraction.


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