Using Performance Enhancing Hypnotic Drugs For Physical Activity And Exercise


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Using Performance Enhancing Hypnotic Drugs For Physical Activity And Exercise

The day prior to putting this session together, I ran 22 miles in the morning; I felt out of my usual shape having not slept well for a few nights previously (on the Friday I ran my self-hypnosis seminar and left home at 5am and did not get home until 9pm, so my body clock was slightly disrupted), though I was so happy to have the wind in my hair, the sea air in my lungs and the sun shining on my face.

Once indoors, I started my recovery process by taking my protein shake, then later my cherry juice and having showered, stretched diligently, used the foam roller I have and got my compression stockings on, I got my feet up for a short while.

I also did something that I have not done for a very long time indeed… I took an ibuprofen tablet. Shock. Horror! It relaxes the muscles, reduces inflammation and I thought of it as an easy option…

This confession is an interesting one that so many of us use in varying ways.

It represents that notion that is so prevalent in conventional health care – that well-being is just a tablet away.

One of my favourite bands is a group called The Jam who were big in the 70s and early 80s – They sang about ‘The Bitterest Pill’ they had to take. Isn’t it funny what that expression is referring to: That you are having to swallow something that is for your good, yet it tastes bitter and is notpalatable. Yet, we find it so very, very easy to take a tablet, don’t we?

I can’t stand that culture of taking a tablet if we have a headache, taking a tablet if we are depressed (I know people who have been taking tablets to feel happy for years and years!), a tablet if we have indigestion, if we have a cold, if we have pretty much anything – there are scam-artists and con-men out there who make a living telling us that they have a miracle tablet that will make you thin! It is not proven to work by any credible authority, yet we cling on to the notion because it might just work for us!

So I was a tiny bit guilty and decided to revisit my own exploration on the subject of hypnotic tablets, because it would be far more effective to get your mind and body in shape with proven methods – though they require more concerted effort than taking a tablet.

Even I think that once in a while taking a rare tablet for pain and inflammation is not a big, big problem, however, what about performance enhancing drugs… Rather than tablets for after an event (when we are sometimes too tired to use self-hypnosis, god forbid!) but that we takebefore we perform to make us excel!?

With the Olympics coming here in a few months time, there has been talk and discussion of drug cheats and all kinds of other related debate and warnings – it beggars belief really that any athlete would ever use illegal performance enhancing drugs when they are aware of such dire consequences. Yet some consider the gamble worth it and some are caught each year.

So why not use a hypnotic performance enhancer instead?

Piece of research upon piece of research about the Placebo effect have shown how much faith we truly have in tablets – so many pieces of placebo research show some minor change as a result of taking it.

This brilliant hypnosis audio session is going to show you how to create your own legal, performance enhancing drug. This process allows you to create your own hypnotic tablet that you can take andallow your body to respond accordingly. You may be amazed at just how your mind and body respond to taking a hypnotic tablet!


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