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Using ‘The Healing Force’

I think if you have any kind of injury, you’ll enjoy using this track.

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Using Psychological Processes to Aid Recovery from Injury

Following an injury I had in my foot which prevented me from running for some months early in 2013, I used a number of psychological processes to help with my recovery.

These types of techniques and sessions are no substitute from the usual medical care, but can assist in recovering from a wide range of diverse injuries. This audio process is called ‘the healing force.’

I know, I know…

Sounds a bit ‘wooo’ which I hope that you know is quite unlike me, however, the process has some sound principles and is wonderful in its simplicity which means it is easy to apply, even if you are not totally motivated to engage in psychological processes whilst injured.

The use of the term ‘healing force’ does have a bit of ambiguity within it, and it is also a little bit tongue in cheek…

I mean, how many times do I get to incorporate a Star Wars-ish type of phrase into my work, eh? When I say ambiguity, it is actually something that you get to interpret in a way that suits you best rather than being utterly spoonfed by my own preferences.

The process is based on a process I read about where Donald Liggett (2000) trialed with a group of 10 athletes who were injured and used this type of technique when hypnotised and compared their recovery to 20 other athletes, and although the study was not able to be published, it is encouraging none the less.

The recovery rate of the hypnotised group was quicker than the control group who tended to recover at the same rate as the estimated timeframe given by the professionals they were dealing with.

I think if you have any kind of injury, you’ll enjoy using this track.