Utilise Your Regular Routine To Enhance Your Sleep

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Utilise Your Regular Routine To Enhance your Sleep

One of the great things that Milton Erickson introduced into the world of hypnosis in a much more pronounced manner than his predecessors in the field, was that of utilisation. That is, he would use noises, distractions, routines, feelings and anything else that was presented to him during a hypnotherapy session – and instead of ignoring it or trying to divert away from it, he would use it in some way.

If a door was heard closing shut in the background, he might suggest to the client “as one door closes in your mind, so another door of change opens…”

With this hypnosis audio track, we are going to utilise a bunch of things that you may well already do – I think most people do these things – and use them to enhance your ability to sleep and create beneficial expectations of your own quality of sleep.

First, you are going to mentally rehearse the process, then you are going to let it affect and influence how you prepare for sleep in order to advance your ability to sleep.

This process is simply wonderful.

You’ll find that repeated use of this hypnosis track enhances the depth of your sleep, the quality of your sleep and also has a number of other natural benefits as a result of its use.

This process is used a great deal within my therapy rooms with my clients who are looking to make greater gains from their sleep as well as have an advanced experience of sleep – ensuring they wake at the times they set themselves feeling refreshed, invigorated and tuned in to life in a way that is only achieved with a great sleep under your belt!

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