Vacuum Hypnosis


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Vacuum Hypnosis

Use the power of nature to bring change to your life…

Simple steps to let more and more goodness flow into your psychological, emotional and physical life!

Ok, ok, so my brother and I were on a 20 mile marathon training run together recently, and I was telling him that a very momentous thing happened to me this week, which I am going to tell you about… Ready? I threw away my big duck-down, red puffer jacket — a big winter coat that I have owned since I was 16 years old. I bought it from my uncle’s shop in Nottingham as a young man and had owned it for more of my life than not.

Let me give you some history on this much loved item of clothing — I wore this jacket when I went skiing with my family in my late teens and early 20s; I wore this jacket when I spent a winter studying in Finland; I wore this jacket the first time I was on TV; this jacket went to many, many different countries with me. I wore this jacket to so many things that my family and friends often joked about it. I know I should not tell you this — it was never washed. Not once. It was rather filthy by the end, and someone of my standing ought to be better equipped in the winter jacket department. So this week I threw it away.

My brother laughed and asked why I had done such a thing. So I explained to him that I really ought to have a new winter jacket and that someone of my resource ought to have a fine new one — I am going for a designer jacket, I have my eye on a few. He asked me why I couldn’t just buy a new one (or two or three) and still keep the historic jacket.

My answer to him was one word — vacuum.

Let me explain… When I had been skiing and left footprints in any patch of snow, you can bet those footprints were covered up by wind, snow and other footprints, and I wouldn’t find them again. When I have been walking on the beaches outside my home or anywhere else in the world, I am sure that you have seen what happens when you leave footprints in the sand on the beach — the sea and the wind soon fills them in.

Nature does not stand for a vacuum. It does not let it go too long without being filled. I can remember the impressions I would get on my face from sucking all the air out of plastic drinks bottles or cups when I was younger. Nature rushes to fill that vacuum. Now since the inherent nature of the universe is good, a vacuum will always be filled with good. So when you need more of something that you are after — create a vacuum. You can apply this principle in so many areas of your life, especially when you are in need of a brand new winter jacket!

A vacuum is a natural law, and learning how to create and use a vacuum is a very powerful thing to do.

If you want some new shoes, simply give some of your old ones to charity. Do the same with old clothes if you want some new ones. If you feel stressed and busy, tidy up or dispose of some of the clutter in your immediate environment, maybe at home or at work. Simply cleaning off your desk, sorting out all that paperwork, picking your clothes up off the floor, or making your bed can bring lots more harmony into your life. Cleaning out the bathroom cabinet, a wardrobe or storage cupboard, not to mention the garage, is going to do the same thing. My mum used to get so much joy when spring cleaning came around… I used to hate it — my bedroom, my mess, getting disrupted!

So, as a first step in the process of creating a vacuum in your life, how about you think about cleaning out a cupboard, your drawers, your briefcase, your work desk, the bathroom cabinet or whatever else… really go and clean one of those out this very day.

This does not only apply to the physical things in life though, of course.

Letting go of thoughts of hate, lack, guilt, wanting bad things to happen to others or letting go of thoughts of revenge all create a vacuum for hope, joy and happiness to return and flood your heart with well-being. If you are not experiencing all that you want in life, it often means that you are holding on to something that you should release.

You can use this notion to bring more wealth, confidence, courage, motivation and inspiration into your life. Anything you like. Heck, it would get boring if you could only use this for new winter jackets, wouldn’t it?

You know that you are well and truly surrounded by good everywhere. It is all around us and within us, and the universe is poised to fill the gaps with it. The only lack is the lack in your mind. Open your mind to receive whatever you want, create a vacuum to hold it, and you are going to attract it. Mark my words.

This hypnosis session is designed for you to create a really powerful vacuum in your life. You just follow the simple steps and notice how easy it is to create a psychological, emotional and physical vacuum and enjoy letting more and more goodness flow into your life as a result.

Vacuum Hypnosis
Use A Universal Law To Fill Your Life With New Abundance!


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