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Aid Your Recovery With Hypnosis Based Compression For Legs

I am one of those people who is easily swept along by running fads and promises made in running gear marketing materials. I have to get a grip sometimes. Anything that promises me I’ll run faster or recover quicker tends to make me want to spend my money, though I am usually brought back down to earth with a sobering bump and realise that the solid basics often give us all that we need.

Compression gear is something I use. I do not run in compression gear as many runners do, but I do use it for aiding my recovery. In particular, I use calf sleeves.

Some of the evidence for using compression gear for advanced performance does make for quite damning reading, but the evidence for enhancing recovery is a brighter read in general terms. I have read a great many contrasting perspectives on this, and I have looked at a lot of research regarding the benefits – the research results are mixed and still not wholly conclusive if you cast a scrutinising eye upon them.

I am not going to discuss or debate the evidence here as you can find that date and the varying stances and the evidence out there online for yourselves at websites that know much more about the physiological science of running than I do.

Many experts suggest that the effects of compression garments are placebo effect, but heck, whether it is placebo or not, if we can derive some benefit all the better as far as I am concerned. The fact that the placebo effect can deliver such an aid to recovery is actually encouraging for me because it again shows the influence and effect of our psychology and our beliefs when it comes to recovering faster.

Many runners do trust compression garments and many derive great gain from them. If you read what I have written online or in my books about ideo-motor responses, for example, it makes absolute sense to use hypnosis to create a psychological compression garment to aid recovery.

The field of hypnotherapy has a variety of similar interventions currently; a hypnotic gastric band for reducing weight, a psychological control room for turning emotions and sensations up or down, and other processes that require an investment of belief, a vivid imagination and hypnosis to create seemingly amazing effects.

Compression is no different.


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